Sake, The Wine Of The East

Widely known as Japan’s national drink, Sake has gained significant popularity worldwide. In English, sake refers to an alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice. But in Japan, sake actually means all alcoholic drinks in general including wine, beers, shochu, and the drink we call “sake” in English. The actual name of “sake” in Japan is nihonsu (日本酒) which literally means “Japanese alcohol.”

Sake tasting is a must-try when visiting Japan. The taste, quality, and aroma of sake depending on the fermentation process. The key to making good sake is high-quality rice, clear water, koji mold, and yeast.

  1. The first step of making sake is polishing the rice. Yamada Nishiki is the variety of rice most widely used to make sake. Polishing the rice removes the impurities to give sake a smoother taste. The rice is usually polished down to 50 to 70 percent, but some variety polished the rice down