6 Best Whiskies in The World and Where to Find Them

Single Malt Scotch may still be a synonym for great and super smooth whiskey, but it has seen plenty of challenges in the past few years. We are not just talking about the eternal Irish and American contenders, but brands from countries like India, Australia, Japan, and Taiwan as well. Their price and quality might have increased their sales, but that is not enough to dethrone the best brands out there.

We have made a list of the six best whiskeys in the world and where to find them. The list is based a few dozen lists made by a bunch of experts. From those lists, we extracted the best ones.


1. Method and Madness Single Pot Still



The Method and Madness whiskey got crafted in one of Jameson’s famous distilleries – the Midleton Distillery. Soft, sweet, and smooth, it follows the old-school Irish touch. It was matured in bourbon, sherry, and chestnut casks, which resulted in an incredibly spicy and sweet taste featuring an oak taste. One can obtain it through the Kwmwine website.


2. Sullivans Cove Special Single Cask American Oak

This limited edition malt was matured in a 300-liter cask. Only three hundred bottles were produced. Its crispy summer flavors (dew-covered grass and green apples) are a delight to all of your senses. Currently, you can find it only on Amazon.com.



3. Yamazaki Mizunara Cask 2017


For 18 years this exquisite single-malt Japanese whiskey has matured in extremely rare Japanese oak. As a result, we got some of the best Yamazaki whiskey coming from the well-known Suntory stable. The dry fruits, the intense spices, and its soft sweetness represent diversity at its finest. Its incredible depth is something that many whiskey experts like to talk in length and only in superlatives. This brand can also be obtained through the whiskey exchange website.


4. Mackmyra Ten Years Swedish Single Malt


Mackmyra is a Swedish distillery that first started making incredible malt in 1999. The Ten-Year-old has been matured in ex-bourbon American oak casks placed in a mine warehouse 50 meters underground. The result is an incredible taste of flavors. Just one taste and you will sense the oak wood, the presence of the floral notes, as well the deep caramel and chocolate notes. It can be purchased from the whiskey exchange website, as well as from several other reputable whiskey sellers.


5. Roe & Co Blended Irish whiskey


The demand for Irish whiskey has never been higher. Diageo is represented by its superb brand, Roe & Co. on the market. This outstanding Irish whiskey is made from grain whiskeys and single malt. It has been matured in ex-bourbon casks and features sweet and fresh notes of pears, apples, and vanilla. It can be purchased from online sellers like 31Dover.

6. Glenfiddich 21-Year-Old Winter Storm

This whiskey is one of the finest and best from Glenfiddich’s Experimental Series. This rich and sweet whiskey was matured in Canadian ice-wine casks. It’s a marvelous symbiosis of Scottish and Canadian tradition. The Glenfiddich 21-Year-Old Winter Storm can be obtained through their website, Amazon, as well as a selected group of whiskey sellers.