10 Best Selling Cocktails and the Ingredients Used

The world of cocktails is a dynamic one and they stand the test of time and remain very popular with cocktail lovers. The following list is a tribute to the ten best-selling cocktails in the world. Listed below are the best ones along with their recipes.

1. Classic Old Fashioned

All hail the king – Old Fashioned! An old fashioned is the first thing you learn to make in any bartender’s school. The reason is simple – wherever you may go, it is the most popular cocktail or top five at the very least. To make it you will need whiskey or brandy, sugar, bitters, and a twist of citrus rind. First, mix the sugar with the bitters. Then comes the brandy or whiskey, and last is the twist of citrus rind.

2. Negronis

The Negronis cocktail is extremely popular in bars from London to Beijing, and from New York to Dubai. People of all cultural and ethnic background seem to love this cocktail. To make Negronis, you will need equal amounts of sweet vermouth, gin, and Campari.

3. Manhattan

The Sex and the City series ignited the interest for the Manhattan. It has remained one of the most popular cocktails in bars across the United States, Australia, and Europe for over a decade. The Manhattan recipe features bitters, sweet vermouth, and whiskey.

4. Dry Martini

We all know how James Bond wants his Dry Martini – mixed, but not stirred. Truth to be told, the dry martini was a popular cocktail long before the first James Bond movie. The country of origin of Dry Martini is the United States. To be more precise, many believe that the first Dry Martini was made in a hotel in a San Francisco. You will need dry vermouth and gin, followed by a lemon twist or an olive to make Dry Martini.

5. Whisky Sour

The demand for whiskey sour has never been higher. It combines lemon juice, bourbon, and sugar. It is easy to make and has a specific taste that will make you come back for more and more.

6. Margarita

Margaritas have always been one of the best-selling cocktails worldwide. To make margaritas, you will need tequila, lemon juice, triple sec and lime. Very often it is served with sugar or salt on the rim of the glass.

7. Mojito

Very refreshing and smooth as silk, Mojito remains highly popular among the younger generation of cocktail lovers. Making a Mojito recipe is super easy. All you need is soda water, fresh mint with sugar, lime juice, ice, and white rum.

8. Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary cocktail has cult followers that can’t live without it. There are plenty of ways to serve Bloody Mary, but the classic recipe is crafted from a stick of celery, a squeeze of lemon juice, Tabasco sauce, tomato juice, and vodka.

9. Pina Colada

Pina Colada is one of the most ordered cocktails in bars all over the world. According to a recent survey that covered over a thousand bars and night clubs, Pina Colada represents 14% of all ordered cocktails. Pina Colada is made of coconut, white rum, and pineapple.

10. Appletini or Apple Martini

Unlike dry martini, Vodka is used to make the apple martini as the basic ingredient. The apple schnapps brings a slightly sour, but sweet taste. The slice of apple and lemon juice is done last. It is a simple cocktail, but a very tasty one.


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